Wide reach and
precise targeting

Hyper AdTech’s integration with the largest suppliers of mobile inventory ensures a wide audience reach. A wide range of data and modern technological solutions allow you to target the target audience of brands as accurately as possible.

Launch an advertising campaign to the relevant audience of
Hyper AdTech mobile apps

500 000
mobile apps

We are integrated with the largest SSP platforms and publishers. Suppliers of mobile traffic give us access to the advertising inventory thousands of applications of various categories 


Social media




Life style

Mobile Audience Reach

Hyper AdTech is the first in-app platform on the market to install Mediascope counters. In terms of mobile audience coverage, Hyper AdTech is in the top list among all measured resources, according to Mediascope

Audience segments

We form accurate segments based on a wide range of data and mobile audience parameters. Own DMP and data from third-party data-platforms allow you to build segments for targeting at the intersection of various parameters


Third-party data-platforms


Third-party data-platforms


Mobile operator

Model of a mobile device



Social Democracy

Income level

Family status

Loyalty to the purchase of goods / services


Hyper ID

Technology for determining the user profile in a mobile environment.

We have developed solution, which most accurately determines the depersonalized profile of the audience by interests and socio-demographic characteristics. This solution has developed in response to the imposed restrictions on the transfer of mobile device identifiers (IDFA) and it is based on the following algorithms:

Using embeddings and hierarchical clustering

Embeddings based on text features from app descriptions and app categories in app stores.
Clustering is realized on the principle of “neighbors”, which assigns users a specific cluster, according to various indirect signs

Using boosting for classification

Audience segmentation using machine learning based on user activity data in a mobile environment.

Dataset enrichment from open sources

Automatic determination of socio-demographic user profiles based on additional data
from public databases, social networks and mobile app stores

Hyper ID neutralizes the changes that have come into being for advertising market players employing user identifiers to conduct effective advertising campaigns in the mobile environment and solve advertisers’ business issues.

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