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Hyper AdTech is the largest programmatic platform in Russia for placing video ads in a mobile environment. At the end of 2021, in the Adlndex Technology Index rating, the Hyper AdTech platform took 1st place in the «Mobile Video Advertising Networks» category in terms of product quality and service provided.

We conduct effective advertising campaigns for the largest brands in a mobile environment, with a guarantee of KPI fulfillment. The audience coverage of the platform is more than 30 million unique users, according to Mediascope.

Hyper Predict’s own predictive algorithms ensure that only high-quality mobile inventory is purchased from leading suppliers. The quality of Hyper AdTech advertising inventory is confirmed by measurements by independent verifiers according to the international MRC standard.

A wide range of data based on our own DMP and third-party data platforms ensures the formation of high-quality audience segments and getting into the brand’s target audience. The unique developments of the Hyper AdTech platform in the field of data make it possible to identify the audience by socio-demographic characteristics and interests, without a unique identifier of the mobile device.

The Hyper AdTech platform is steadily developing in the modern advertising technology market and, due to own unique developments and solutions, contributes to the development of the industry

Awards 2021

Hyper AdTech is the winner in the «Breakthrough of the Year» category. The special nomination was awarded for the growth of indicators in the «Mobile Video Advertising Networks» segment and the high customers evaluation in the Technology Index 2021 rating.

Index 2021

Hyper AdTech was ranked 1st in the «Mobile Video Ad Networks» category for product and service quality, and ranked in the top 5 in the «DSP» category.

Index 2023

Hyper AdTech took 2nd place in the Technology Index 2023 rating in the category of Mobile Video Advertising Network (in terms of product quality and service provided)

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